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2008 Wins

  • One of 44 artists selected for the Quilts for Obama  exhibit at the Historical Society of Washington. The exhibit will open on Sunday January 11, 2009.  Here’s a sneak peak:
Close up from my Obama quilt for the show. The  name of the Quilt is "And so there is hope.  There is Hope."

Close up from my Obama quilt for the show. The name of the Quilt is "And so there is hope. There is Hope."


  • Finally completed the blue prints for the big Blog and website move.  You will see improvements soon.
  • Was the focus and featured artists of two news stories about my work
  • Took three new workshops in encaustics and printmaking and met a number of fabulous artists



    • Regularly kept my sketchbook and experimented more with COLOR and new media
    • Invited to become a member of a wonderful critique group that I cannot wait to get started with
    • I went to my studio everyday (even if some days all I did was to  lay in the floor and take a nap)

    Goals for 2009

    I did a little research on the number nine.  I learned that some believe that 9 holds the energy of attainment and completion and that with closure we are faced with renewal. We all know that there is no ending without a beginning.  As I mentioned on the UrbanWildflowerBlog here is to a renewed passion for art and creativity.

    • Get out there and enter more shows!
    • Complete the big blog and website move
    • update my mailing list
    • get new post cards made of my work
    • meet more fun artists!
    • Draw everyday
    • Continue to work on printmaking (this is the year of experimental screenprinting and monoprinting for me)
    • Continue to play with encaustic and in acrylics (though not necessarily in the same piece!!!)

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    If you are anything like me you probably like to take a peek into the spaces where artists create. I like to look at bookshelves too. No, I am not particularly nosey (not particularly) but I do think that looking at how artists work, how they arrange their spaces, what they have in their spaces, what they read, will tell something about them and their creative process. I am not sure what my space will tell you about me other than I am not especially tidy. Still, I have to say that my studio office and studio are my favorite rooms in the house. These rooms are where I go whenever I have a free moment. The photo above captures a corner of my studio office. This is a little room above my actual workspace where I have most of what I call my design supplies. I have all (ok, MOST) of my fabric stored here. I audition fabrics for dolls and quilts on my table. I also like to draw here. The bulletin board holds calls for entries for shows as well as postcards for places where I would like to exhibit. Time sensitive material goes here too. The white boards (a great organization tool) are where I keep my checklist of projects with upcoming deadlines.

    I wanted a pale color for the walls. I chose a sea foam green for this room. I guess it is the Pisces in me that made this choice.


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