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Hi there.  While the site has been quiet I have definitely been busy.  Within the next few weeks I will be launching my new website: graysonstudios.com and a new blog. I am SO excited. It’s been a long time coming but CHANGE is almost here!!!  The site will be more robust with beautiful new look AND a way to purchase my work.  Thank you so much for your support!

PEace and BLeSSings,



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I am very excited to be a part of the Avery Research Center‘s exhibit, “Mermaids and Merwomen in Black Folklore.” To my great surprise they have even featured my quilt on their website!  I was not able to make the opening but I do hope to see the show before it closes on March 31, 2009.

The name of my quilt is Olokun Kept Us. As I mentioned below,  Olokun is said to be the keeper of the deepest part of the sea.  She is often depicted as a mermaid. Sometimes she is described as being/connected to Yemaya. In some parts of African culture Olokun  is personified in patience, endurance, observation, wisdom, history of the past and future visions.  She is also often described as the protector of those Africans who were stolen during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.  My quilt depicts Olokun as a welcoming and watching spirit.  I locate her within the deepest bluest part of the ocean.  The figures depicted walking across the sky represent the ancestors who walked (or flew) back to Africa rather than be enslaved. I know, I know, I am pulling together a number of narratives within African and African American culture.  I am allowed — I am an artist. (smile).


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So I am continuing to work my way through my 2008 list of art goals that I set for myself . One of those goals was to do weekly art quilt explorations which I continue to enjoy. I admit that I have to constantly fight the desire to make each piece a perfect little piece. So keeping in mind that the operative word in this process is *exploration* here is another example of the exercise. You may remember this piece from January. I felt that I could make it a little more interesting so I cut it up. I also used oil sticks and paint to embellish the quilted surface. I got this technique from the book The Painted Quilt. Currently I am working with 4 different books: The Painted Quilt, Breakdown Printing, Finding Your Own Visual Language and Water-based Screenprinting Today. I am really excited about how my return to printmaking techniques is influencing my work. As I mention below, I have been taking an 8 week monoprinting course at the Atlanta Printmakers Studio. I have already signed up for another 8 weeks of fun and experimentation. It’s all about getting out there and trying new things. Yeah!

MoonGlo Self portrait dgbquilts.wordpress.com

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