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The Quilts for Obama show continues to get a great deal of buzz.  I recently found out that there is a possibility that the show could be extended.  Nothing has been confirmed yet but I will let you know.  In the meantime, Sonji Hunt has been collecting links of the 44 artists in the show.  After you have finished visiting here please take a look at Sonji’s blog to see the fabulous work of the show participants.


I have been working on a new piece for a show about Africa

n Merwomen and Merwomen.  My quilt is called Olokun kept Us. Olokun is said to be the keeper of the deepest part of the sea.  She is often depicted as a mermaid. Sometimes she is described as being/connected to Yemaya.  The quilt I  constructed evolved from a dream I had.  I had been reading Nature’s Studio by quilt artist Joan Colvin.  I admirolokuntransfer1e her work and found some of her collage techniques interesting.  In rendering Olokun I wanted to show her deep in the water but I also wanted her to be a part of the water.  Reading Colvin’s book got me to thinking about ways to make my figure blend into the background fabric.  I did not want to applique the image or have her sit on top of the fabric.  I began this quilt three times before I got the effect I wanted. Here is the first “block” I created.  I came up with the idea of  painting Olokun on to iron on adhesive and then transfering the image onto fabric.  I thought that this was one way I could get the sheer look I wanted — where the figure would look like it was emerging from and was one with the background.  So, I held my breath and used a light gray colored pencil to sketch in the figure. I then painted the figure on to Heat n Bond lite with liquid acrylic paints.  I let my painting dry, cut it out and got my iron out and this is what I got in my first attempt



What I discovered in this process is that Heat n Bond Lite is not the correct adhesive to use for this process.  I found it too plasticky.  Also, the ransfer became hard and peeled in someareas.  Still I felt I was on to something so I decided to try it again.  In the next version I made a more detailed drawing and really focused on painting the face. This time I decided to paint on Wonder Under.  Here is a picture of the painting in progress.  My next post will show the steps I went through to complete the transfer and build the rest of the quilt.



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BlueCOloredGiRL by www.dgbquilts.wordpress.com
Alright, so part of why I decided to take the plunge and do these weekly exploration quilts is to work with my materials and see what happens. Can you tell I am not totally wowed by this week’s effort? I used rubber stamps, commercial fabric and my color laser printer for this one. I printed the image (yes, that’s a picture of me) on raw canvas. Then I added the commercial fabric (I have no idea why). I thought I saw pink highlights in the image after I printed so I layered the piece and then began to do a little fme with pink thread. I think I want to explore this quilt a bit more so I am going to continue working on it. I hope that’s not considered cheating. I also have a few more ideas I want to throw at this quilt before I am done. I stuck with the 8.5 x 11 format for this week’s exploration. The quilt I am working on for week 3 is 14 x 14 provided I don’t end up cutting it up. . . . although that might not be a bad idea. . . .
I have already learned a few new things in my first two exploration quilts:
  1. I sometimes find it stressful to fly by the seat of my pants when designing/working. Nevertheless, I find the fear and stress exhilarating.
  2. Playing with the exploration quilts has made me pull out my printmaking supplies. I want to revisit silkscreen and monoprinting as techniques for getting images on the page.
  3. I really enjoy the feedback you all are giving me on what I have done so far. Keep it coming 8 ).

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